Natural lodge in Colca Canyon - Peru

You will be very welcome in our Home Stay Llahuar, at the bottom of the Colca Canyon, we gonna share with you our stories, traditions, you will became part of our family, you can participate in our activities like fishing, pick up fruits or any local activities.

This place is ideal for those who enjoy the nature and like to have adventures and fun in a clean, happy and secure environment. Is perfect to scape completely from the stress of the cities. We have great location in the meddle of the huge mountains with Pre-Incas terraces ,at the join of two rivers Colca and Huaruro. We are also close to the stoning Huaruro Waterfall (80 mts).

We are just totally privileged with our hot springs next to the river 36 -38 Celcius, and all the camping areas, where you can seat, and enjoy the amazing views of the Canyon. How to get to our Home Stay Llahuar from Cabanaconde?

This lodge is favoured by people doing independent trekking in Colca Canyon.